Technology in Aesthetic Surgery

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Aesthetic plastic surgery is a function of artistic perception and technology. They are, in fact, inseparable. The plastic surgeon must fully grasp the artistic and totally humanistic end point. The surgeon then uses all of his/her procedural and practical skills, employing all of the meaningful technology available, to achieve that goal, a goal which is the fusion of art and science.

The application of modern technology is less prevalent in plastic surgery than it has been in neurosurgery, cardiothoracic surgery or vascular surgery. The advances achieved, however, have been most welcome. Patient safety is greatly enhanced by devices that continuously monitor oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Argon beam coagulators control bleeding and CO2 lasers precisely and gently divide tissues. Endoscopes, like arthroscopes or laproscopes, permit microsurgical minimally invasive approaches to surgery with smaller scars and more rapid healing time. Newer “barbed” sutures allow for rapid, precise wound closures with less tension and better scars. Breast implants that are now in the fourth and fifth generation of technological advancement are more natural and result in fewer problems than the earlier generations.

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