Beauty On the Inside Out

My mother was committed to finding the perfect dates for me but when she added, generic viagra viagra as she frequently did, viagra sales treat her infamous disclaimer, purchase “and she is beautiful on the inside” I knew immediately that, the “outside” was not quite right. It was for me, at that time, the ultimate deal breaker. Of course, my mother turned out to be right, because beauty on the inside is forever and beauty on theĀ outside is a fifty billion dollar a year business.

People have divergent views on what beauty really is but it is unquestionably societal and cultural and mystical. And let us start out by dispelling the rumor that plastic surgeons create the standards for beauty and have the power to establish beauty fads and trends. We excel at making dinner reservations and planning elaborate trips but establishing the ground rules for beauty, not even close. Beauty standards are established and nurtured by television, the movies and the media. They decide what is acceptable for presentation and publication. It has been shown in multiple studies that you have a much better chance to be hired if you are taller, thinner and more attractive. Look who presents the news on local and national TV. Handsome guys and beautiful ladies. You mean no short fat balding man can get a handle on the news and there is not a heavyset woman who understands what’s going on in the world? No, these people are chosen because they have the greatest appeal to the audience and this converts to advertising dollars.

So, where does the plastic surgeon fit in? Well, we are first and foremost, great technicians , master techno-artists, who can transform a this to a that. We are the levelers of the playing field and this is our greatest contribution. Parents can tell a young 16 year old daughter, who hates having a big nose, how intelligent she is and what a good a person she is (I have been there and done that) and they are right, but she is dreading going to the school dance nonetheless. But following a well done nose job, you can see the life and energy jump back into her life. Does this make her less intelligent, less good, less loving? Absolutely not! It can, however, make her feel much better about herself. Now if this same young lady loved her looks and loved her nose, then none of this applies to her. We are there for those who don’t look the way they would like, don’t age they way they would like and feel that societies aesthetic standards have passed them by. That is where we fit in. No, we don’t create or sustain standards of beauty. We just make it available for those whose genetics has denied them this reality.

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