Facial Implants

Facial re-contouring for aesthetic purposes is a critical part of the overall process of aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation. Weak chins, best viagra case absence of cheekbone definition, viagra salve flattened jaw bones and other areas of facial loss of contour, check volume and definition greatly impact on the overall aesthetic appearance. The early implants were either rib, bone or cartilage, harvested from the patient and carved meticulously into the desired and individualized shape. Some synthetic materials such as paraffin were also used but were problematic and much less desirable.

In the early 70′s, silicone implants became available, mostly for chin implants. There was a limited selection, and the implant configurations were less than ideal. Blocks of silicon rubber were also available, and many doctors found it more desirable to carve their own implants. Over time the selection of implant types exploded and the implants were computer designed into anatomically desirable shapes. Other non silicon materials were also used.

Today, there is an abundance of commercially available implants , anatomically designed in myriad sizes and configurations. They have made facial re-contouring a more predictable and less complicated process.

Chin Implants: The most widely used of the facial implants and used to correct the weakened chin, Lengthen the shortened chin if necessary, help correct jowl deformities. These implants, most are made of soft silicone, are inserted either through the inner aspect of the lower lip or from a small incision under the chin. They are extremely valuable in nasal surgery to balance out the facial profile and also in facelift surgery where a weakened chin contributes to the appearance of aging and detracts from a youthful neck.

Cheek Implants: Absence of cheekbone definition is of concern to many patients. There are a wide variety of sizes and they are made of silicone rubber. There are many other types of cheek implants available to address different needs and some are made of different forms of synthetic material. The cheek implants are mostly inserted from an incision inside of the upper lip but can also be inserted from a lower eyelid incision or through a facelift incision.

Jaw (Mandibular) Implants: Much less widely used but very valuable in those cases where the lower jawbone is too narrow. They are inserted through the mouth and most are made, again, of silicone rubber, although other materials are used.

Other Areas: For other areas of facial depression such as the forehead or temporal area, implants are available. Although, for these areas, custom carved implants may be more desirable.

It is important to note that today there are many injectable materials available which have a definite and growing role in facial re-contouring. They are not permanent, however, and repeat injections will be necessary at some point. That said, most patients are very satisfied and of course there is no surgery, no anesthesia and little if any downtime.

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