Top Ten List

Dr. Reed’s Top Ten List of Rapid Recovery, Economy-friendly, Minimally Invasive Procedures Proven Most Effective at Making You Look (and Feel!) Rejuvenated

• Liposuction of the chin/neck
• Earlobe shortening and rejuvenation
• Cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation including labia reduction
• Cheek/chin augmentation
• Neck only procedure for men and women
• M.A.C.S facelift: this technique is the least invasive with the fastest recovery time
• Buttocks contouring and rejuvenation with fat autografting
• Facial revitalization accomplished solely by injectable solutions
• Face/neck/décolletage renewal by laser resurfacing
• Hand rejuvenation with injection and resurfacing

The number of patients requesting one or more of these procedures, which all offer superb cost/benefit ratios, has increased dramatically in the last two years.









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